The Sweet Flower Wild is just a pice of garden, made of chocolate.

Karila sweet flower, the Flower Wild is luxury chocolate gift. Bouquet of flowers set in plastic tube, companied with chocolates. This sweet flower set makes perfect replacement to the cut flower bouquet or chocolate box.

The sweet Flower Wild is in 15cm high, 8cm diameter round box. Space full box adds luxury sensation.

The sweet Flower Wild is a floral set, with some chocolates. The blossoms and other details are made of white chocolate. The sweet flowers are seasoned with natural strawberry and pineapple pastes. Colours are also natural.

The sweet Flower Wild is a designed set of flowers, as a pinch from the garden. To have both, arranged flowers and delicious chocolates, it is the perfect choice.

A set of rose, or tropical flower, orchid and cherry tree are most beloved. We do have also fresh, yellow spring set, pink lily, and some other designs. As default we have at least 3-4 different designs of sweet flower sets in a box.

We do make the sweet Flower Wild line as more festive and exclusive line. Colour selection of our sweet flower is wide. You can order the Flower Wild in your preferred design from the samples. Yet not to miss you out all the unexpected beautiful options, we have default set of mixed selection of different designs. Do click on gallery here to see our selection.