wooden chocolate gift box of 10 truffles

The 10 truffle is a set of delicious truffles on round wooden box. Karilá’s the best selection of classic handmade chocolate truffles are made from quality chocolate with delicious, seasoned chocolate.

The chocolate gift with 10 truffles is in 15cm wide, 4cm high box. The wooden handmade box supports the warm, handmade design. Transparent lead reveals all the delicious beauty.

Our handmade chocolate truffles flavor selection includes honey, orange, caramel truffles; hazelnut, pistachio, coffee truffles; champagne, coconut, crema a la carte truffles; raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, cherry truffles.The truffles are giant. 25-33g rich chocolate truffles should make anyone happy.

The chocolate truffles are as default available without the flower. Yet as you might have wish to have it with a flower, then it can be ordered. You can order also a set with more than one flower in this chocolate box.

We can make also special design. We have done special orders for weddings and corporate gifting. Just do send us your request, if you have special wishes for the chocolate box.

Chocolate box is most beloved as Christmas present. We do have also special Christmas chocolates. You can order red, white, golden or sliver chocolate box designs. Do see on the link here.